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Consultation on new Financial Promotions framework

HM Treasury publishes consultation paper on the proposed regulatory framework for approval of financial promotions

Posted on 31 Jul 2020

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HM Treasury has published a consultation paper on the newly proposed regulatory framework for the approval of financial promotions. The proposed framework is intended to prevent the approval of potentially unsuitable, misleading, unclear and unfair financial promotions of unauthorised firms.

The government’s view is that current safeguards are not strong enough to ensure that financial promotions are compliant with FCA rules. Financial promotions are currently only required to be approved by an authorised firm and there is no process through which a firm must be assessed as suitable and competent before it can approve financial promotions of unauthorised firms. The government, therefore, proposes to establish a regulatory ‘gateway’ through which firms must pass before being able to approve financial promotions of unauthorised firms and any firm wishing to do so must first obtain the consent of the FCA.

The consultation paper highlights how the existing regime operates, its flaws and further details on reform proposals, including proposed policy options to deliver the gateway. HM Treasury has put forward the following consultation questions:

  1. Do you agree that a gateway should be established enabling the FCA to assess the suitability of a firm before it is permitted to approve the financial promotions of unauthorised persons?
  2. What are the risks and benefits of each of the two policy options put forward? Would there be any unintended consequences resulting from implementation?
  3. If the government was to proceed with one of the two policy options, which would be your preference and why?

The consultation will run from 20 July. To respond to the consultation, please send a response document to finproms@hmtreasury.gov.uk Anyone wishing to respond should do so by 12 pm on 25 October.

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