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Compliance Software

Digital Compliance Assistant

The Digital Compliance Assistant (DCA) is the Laven Tech bundle designed specifically to assist firms with the oversight of their compliance by digitalising the critical components of the workflow within one software. The software is developed to streamline both time and cost efficiencies, whilst reducing human error. The software is an effective tool to give your firm confidence that you are compliant with all relevant rules and regulations, in a cost-effective and efficient way.

The industry’s stringent compliance requirements spanning controls and oversight to performing continuous due diligence on clients and investments make it harder for businesses to establish strong yet
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Laven’s DCA digitalises the following critical components of the compliance workflow to give the Compliance Officer complete and audit trailed oversight:

  • Compliance Manual – digitalise manual with audit trail of edits is stored within the system and accesses by employees as an automatically formatted PDF
  • Ongoing Monitoring
  • Registers
  • Attestations
  • Online Training
  • GDPR Oversight

Benefits of using the DCA for compliance officers

The DCA is designed to combine subject matter expertise with technology to ensure the compliance team is up to date with new regulations and can have effective oversight of the Firm's operations.
Calendar function
Diary functions for deadlines and report due dates to ensure efficient allocation of resource and effective management of various compliance reporting and review requirements.
Duplication feature
Laven’s duplication feature allows for efficient ongoing reviews that allow you to track the evolution of issues whether new or resolved in comparison to the previous report saving time and ensuring continuity.
Within the DCA, there is the ability to adjust the standard Laven report templates or customise the report content to meet your Firm’s specific requirements. Moreover the interface and final report produced within the software can be customised with your branding and logo as a white-labelled solution to show that the system belongs to your Firm.
View control
The DCA has a compliance team view and an employee view. The benefit of this is that the employees have easy access to the compliance manual, their registers and attestations. Meanwhile, the compliance team have full oversight of all the digitalised components including editing the manual, the ongoing monitoring module, firm wide registers etc.
Store all materials in one place
The DCA has a document depository so any documents relating to the compliance manual or monitoring can be stored in one place. The benefit of this is that any compliance related documents are therefore accessible to either the whole compliance team or the whole company.
Blog system
Internal comment system enabling effective communication within the team and the client, negating the need for email. The comments are time and date stamped which gives you a chronological order of comments, and the comments are attached to the pages with specific questions.
Delegation Tool
This is a workload monitoring and delegation tool which allows the work to be distributed across the team while maintaining control and oversight of relevant staff.
Laven’s software offers automated report text, which ensures consistency in language and terminology regardless of who is completing the report. It also gives the ability to standardize when potential risks (i.e. red flags and concerns) are raised within a report.
Laven can assist you on an ongoing basis following direct authorization by the FCA or as a more mature firm looking for assistance in regards to compliance.

The structure is based on the question and answer format, ensuring that the compliance expertise is delivered through the corresponding responses rather than relying on individual expertise.

All questions have pre-populated answer options to guide the user while gathering information. Recommendations are provided to indicate how the firm should amend its processes and controls to meet the necessary standards. Comments can be left in the software's communication system to ensure there is a constant stream of communication and to address any worries throughout the process. Technology will immediately improve the capacity of the resources within the compliance team and will give you access to Laven’s compliance expertise at your fingertips.

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Get in touch with our experienced team to book  a demo of our software.