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Regulatory Technology

What is RegTech?

Software to streamline compliance and due diligence work flows. The innovative technology reduces human error, creating both time and cost efficiencies to ensure compliance with UK regulatory and best practice standards.

The industry’s stringent compliance requirements spanning controls and oversight to performing continuous due diligence on clients and investments make it harder for businesses to establish strong yet

What makes our RegTech solution unique?

Laven’s approach to regulatory software is unique as it leverages advanced technology with subject matter expertise. It is this combination which sets Laven apart in the RegTech space. Our RegTech solutions are designed to assist fund managers, service providers as well as investors to meet today's growing demands. Laven’s solutions are designed for compliance, client onboarding and due diligence workflows.

Digital Compliance Assistant Software

Digital Compliance Assistant (DCA)

Centralise, streamline and provide an audit trail for the creation and maintenance of the Firm's compliance manual and compliance registers, including compliance monitoring, calendars as well as its internal compliance audit.

This is our proprietary on-boarding software accessible online, which acts as a portal designed to assist firms with their gathering of information prior to engaging with any new client.

Client Due Diligence (CDD)

A client onboarding portal in line with jurisdictional regulatory environments improving internal efficiency, client experience and the compliance oversight over potential clients. The software is an effective tool to ensure the firm collects all required and relevent information when onboarding any new client with any potential risk being automatically flagged. 

Due Diligence Manager

Due Diligence Manager (DDM)

Serves as a comprehensive and flexible fund operational due diligence to aggregate information and automatically match it to content checks against applicable laws or best practice standards. Laven's DDM ensures objectivity because every question can be directly related back to a regulatory or best practice standard. 

high angle shot of macbook with DCA software open

Regulatory Bundles

Laven also offers bundles to incoming and existing regulation to assist your firm in being compliant. For example, Laven can provide you with a software bundles specifically designed for SM&CR and GDPR.

Our Reg Tech benefits

The software is designed to save over 40% of compliance administration time

It increases efficiency and effectiveness of human resources. It creates consistency, lessens subjectivity, reduces errors and improves management controls. The software allows for module customization depending on each client’s specific circumstances and corporate identity (also white labeling). It ensures strong compliance and due diligence to bring about adequate oversight to raise confidence in clients' operations from both an internal and external perspective.

Overall, the software is designed to give the client confidence in their compliance and regulatory controls

The software is unique in that it combines easy-to-use, intelligent technology with Laven’s expertise. It is a software built by compliance experts for compliance experts.

If you need a leading light to guide you through the European financial regulation maze, this is the address for you.
Roman Pelka
Great consultancy shop with highly valuable people and global coverage. Highly recommended.
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Laven Partners are a pleasure to work with, the team is always proactive and positive, and their technology solutions are best in class.
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We ensure to bring about adequate oversight to raise both internal and external confidence in clients’ operations.

We provide assistance and updates to make sure your company stays up to date with the latest regulations and we are filling your needs.

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Get in touch with our experienced team to book a demo of our software.

Get in touch with our experienced team to book  a demo of our software.