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Compliance Workflow Software

Laven Tech

Laven Tech is a software solution powered by our partner company Leo RegTech. Underpinning all work that we do at Laven; it streamlines compliance monitoring of our clients and allows for immaculate record keeping and smooth workflows to optimise efficiency. This unique and innovative system reduces human error and creates both time and cost efficiencies to ensure compliance with regulatory and best-practice standards. Laven Tech users will save up to 40% of time usually spent managing their compliance workflow. Click on the link below to learn more about Leo.

The industry’s stringent compliance requirements spanning controls and oversight to performing continuous due diligence on clients and investments make it harder for businesses to establish strong yet
Laven’s software automates what was previously a manual work flow. It makes our compliance function more efficient, saves us a significant amount of time and enables us to focus on our core business.
Charles Romily

Afinishay Capital

Laven Partners are a pleasure to work with, the team is always proactive and positive, and their technology solutions are best in class
Max Hilton

Clarus Risk

The KYC Assistant is the Laven software designed specifically to assist firm with their client onboarding processes. The software is developed to streamline both time and cost efficiency, whilst reduc

Regulatory Solutions

Laven also offers solutions for incoming and existing regulation to assist your firm in being compliant. For example, Laven can provide you with a software solution specifically designed for SM&CR and GDPR.

Laven Tech Features

LavenTech is designed to combine subject matter expertise with technology ensuring the compliance team is up to date with new regulations and can have effective oversight of a firm's operations.
Diary functions for deadlines and report due dates to ensure efficient allocation of resource and effective management of various compliance reporting and review requirements.
The ability to adjust the standard Laven report templates to meet your firm’s specific requirements. The interface and final report produced within the software can also be customised with your branding and logo to show your brand identity.
The software leverages standard user group permissions to grant/revoke access to specific reports and modules.
Document Exchange
Cloud storage for documents allowing users to attach evidence, information or supplemental research to any manual, monitoring plan or register. It can also be used to securely exchange information with third parties.
Email Reminders
The system automatically generates email invitations and calendar reminders to ensure the compliance workflow stays organised and monitored.
Report Creator
Users can create specific reports in line with regulatory standards quickly and efficiently through a Q&A format which then generates the report text.

We ensure complete oversight to raise both internal and external confidence in our clients’ operations.

We provide assistance and updates to ensure your company stays up to date with the latest regulations.

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