Due Diligence Manager

Laven Partners’ Due Diligence Manager software

Laven Partners’ due diligence technology offers a comprehensive and flexible fund operational due diligence software at an affordable price.

The Due Diligence Manager (the ‘DDM’) software is designed to allow subject matter experts (lawyers, compliance, operation and risk consultants) to focus on their areas of expertise while ensuring time efficiencies and project management.

 Laven Partners' Due Diligence software screenshots

Our due diligence software is used to aggregate information and to match it to content checks. The format of the DDM is based on clients’ own templates or alternatively templates developed by Laven Partners covering long only funds, hedge funds, private equity and real estate funds.

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How does the due diligence software work?

The user completes a set of questions, as they would in a normal due diligence questionnaire, but the software, within each template, will match answers to a variety of answers. The templates are made to measure but are designed to cover structures, processes and compliance with regulations and match answers to prevailing laws and best practice standards.

In this respect the software matches manager information to prescribed answers derived from facts and measured against applicable laws or best practice standards. A user still has the ability, depending on their user rights, to create new points or to amend prescribed answers.

The due diligence software’s main template includes a comprehensive database of over 520 analytical points of conduct tested against operational best practice standards from leading industry associations (AIMA, MFA, Invest Europe – formerly known as EVCA, and ILPA) or regulations for Europe, North America and Asia.

Once the analysis is complete, and any text is finalised following user edits, if necessary, the software allows for the easy publication of the information while automatically including any issues noted as red flags (a breach of law or regulation), or concerns (a breach of best practice standards).

Users can, as noted above, edit text depending on their use rights and / or add further commentary. Reports once published are produced into a PDF format. Laven Partners’ templates, if chosen by the user, also offer a scoring mechanism.

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Some of Laven Partners’ Due Diligence Manager key benefits:

  • Efficiencies time savings and reduced human errors
  • Storage and aggregation of all fund documents as well as due diligence reports in one place
  • Broad coverage of templates adapted to client’s needs to cover different strategies from long only to long-short, as well as more illiquid products. Flexible user driven configuration for all templates
  • Legal and regulatory reviews with the ability for users to add new questions and answers to reflect changing laws and best practice standards
  • Compliance modules designed to suit clients’ needs and currently covering rules and regulations from different jurisdictions (e.g. UK, EU, Switzerland, US, Singapore, Hong Kong) and best practice standards from leading industry associations (AIMA, MFA, ILPA and Invest Europe)
  • Systematic scoring available for more than 140 standards, visible in a table format broken down by chapter
  • Workload monitoring and delegation progress monitoring, various user rights, audit trail of changes made, and internal messaging system
  • Module customisation depending on client’s needs and corporate identity (also white-labeling)

Software licensing options are available as well as white label solutions.

Contact our specialists in order to learn more about how our due diligence software can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Click here to request a demo.

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