Digital Compliance Assistant

Laven Partners’ Digital Compliance Assistant

Laven Partners’ Digital Compliance Assistant is an easy-to-use software that is built to assist financial firms with their regulatory compliance.

It is designed to centralise, streamline and provide an audit trail for the following compliance functions:

  • creation and maintenance of the firm’s compliance manual including an audit trail of changes
  • compliance monitoring designed to help firms stay on top of their compliance monitoring requirements
  • compliance registers that provide an active and up-to-date log of significant events and resulting actions taken
  • detailed internal audit to assess a firm’s compliance controls against regulatory requirements and industry best practices and where necessary generate suitable recommendations to ensure that the firm meets the desired standards

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Some of Laven Partners’ Digital Compliance Assistant key features:

Customised content Laven Partners’ Digital Compliance Assistant has been designed to enable firms to custom their compliance manual, monitoring requirements, registers and audits to their specific regulatory needs

Quarterly content reviews to reflect changing laws and best practice standards

Amendments trail to easily identify changes to the text

Report publishing to maintain answers into a finalised report, kept in the software’s document repository section

Document management the software provides a document repository to attach supplemental research or relevant evidence information

Learning management & eLearning online resource management to provide references and links to regulatory rules in a single click

Blog feature to allow users post comments directly within the software

White-labeling optionality to fit with any corporate identity

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Our regulatory technology lessens subjectivity, reduces errors and improves management controls whilst increasing efficiencies and effectiveness of human resources.

Laven Partners offer client licensing of the Digital Compliance Assistant software. The implementation is arranged in five steps as illustrated in the following diagram:

Digital Compliance Assistant software implementation

Contact our specialists in order to learn more about how our Digital Compliance Assistant technology can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Click here to request a demo.

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