Compliance Audit

Internal Compliance Audit

Regulations and compliance are among the most difficult areas to understand and keep up-to-date with. Regulators require firms to monitor and regularly conduct internal compliance audits to assess the adequacy of their compliance procedures and to address any deficiencies.

Laven Partners’ Internal Compliance Audit, also known as Compliance Assessment, is based on the internal audits required or recommended by the US and UK regulators.

Our Internal Compliance Audit is independent, rooted in regulations and designed to offer a deep understanding of operational best practices and regulatory compliance. It is designed to improve clients’ compliance standards while being cost-effective. Each Internal Compliance Audit is a bespoke assessment, customised for the client’s specifics and providing:

  • compliance practice gap analysis, designed for senior management
  • pragmatic recommendations on improvements in compliance and operational efficiency
  • a comprehensive action plan to improve any deficient areas
  • an internal audit compliance report

Laven Partners have developed and implemented proprietary technology in its internal compliance audit processes (as part of its suite of regulatory software). The software merges both regulatory and industry considerations into a logical and dynamic solution. The software streamlines and structures the internal audit:

  • comprising modular technology, introducing a new level of sophistication and flexibility, while reducing production costs
  • enhanced consistency through automation, eliminating over reliance on individual discretion
  • built on regulatory requirements assessed by our dedicated compliance team, and covering all types of strategies and structures
  • white-labeling, tailored solutions and software licensing options are available.

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Laven Partners’ Internal Compliance Audit is an ideal solution prior to any Arrow II assessment by the UK regulator or an audit by the US regulators. For firms interested in a SAS 70 audit, the Laven Partners’ Internal Compliance Audit is an equally valuable method for management to obtain information about an organisation’s internal controls.

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